Simplifying our pricing structure

In order to simplify the pricing structure and to make UpdateNode more efficient, we are rolling out the new pricing structure effective from today. Current purchased licenses will not be affected by this adjustments. You can checkout the new pricing structure on

If you have any questions related to the pricing or your existing license, do not hesitate to contact us.

Building your own update client

In order to provide the latest features and functionality of your software to your users, you will need to build a connection between your software and your update files, called an update definition.

In most cases, it’s enough to integrate our update client into your product and launch the client as an external application. However, in certain situations, you really want the logic to be part of your application directly, or you want to use UpdateNode in a special environment or specific system. For example, you might want to use UpdateNote in scenarios such as an embedded application, an eCommerce shop, for content delivery inside your iPhone App, or for similar unique situations. Continue reading